Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A World of Strangers by Nadine Gordimer (winner 1991)

I initially picked up Gordimer's latest, Get a Life, which annoyed me from the first paragraph, so it was with some trepidation that I decided to take A World of Strangers home with me. Maybe she's gone off the boil in old age, I don't know, but A World of Strangers was much less annoying.

I was a bit worried, with the apartheid-era-South-Africa setting, that it would be all polemics (by the way, my work offers a prize of a chocolate bar for the successful incorporation of the word 'polemicizes' in an abstract. It will be mine!), but in fact, although it does have points to make about racism and the like, it doesn't shove it down your throat, which is nice, especially since it would otherwise run the risk of being dated now that apartheid's over.

Hmmm don't have much else to say about it really. I won't join the Daily Telegraph and proclaim it 'an astonishingly brilliant book', but it is an okay book, easy enough to read, and it was nice to have over a couple of holiday days (not wholly spent) in bed. So, average...

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